Mandatory Sentencing in NSW

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Mandatory Sentencing in NSW by Benjamin Bickford This paper provides a discussion about the proposed Mandatory Sentencing laws that were debated in Parliament in 2014 after the “one punch” manslaughter of Kieran Loveridge in 2013. The paper talks about the existing offence provisions and penalties available for “one-punch” offences as…

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Half-time submissions

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Half-time submissions by Benjamin Bickford Half-time submissions is a discussion on the legal options and process available to a defence lawyer at the conclusion of the prosecution case. The paper covers the legal tests with respect to "No Prima Facie Case" submissions, "Prasad Directions" and the “two limbs” of May…

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Convenience Pleas

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Convenience Pleas by Benjamin Bickford Dealing with clients who wish to plead guilty to a criminal charge but who deny to their lawyers having committed the offence can be a particularly difficult area to navigate. The paper discusses some of the main ethical issues that arise out of such matters,…

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Section.20BXXX(a)(iii) – How to navigate the Commonwealth criminal law

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How to navigate the Commonwealth criminal law by Lizzie McLaughlin This paper was presented to local criminal law practitioners at Legal Aid (Newcastle) in March 2015 and aims to provide a simple outline of the key issues and features of commonwealth criminal law. It provides a brief outline of the…

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Guide to Commonwealth Sentencing Legislation

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Guide to Commonwealth Sentencing Legislation by Lizzie McLaughlin Commonwealth sentencing law is filled with options and concepts that mirror much of NSW law, but navigating the provisions and being able to identify the differences that do exist can be tricky and time-consuming. This table was designed to be printed-out (double-sided)…

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