Parliament House, Canberra, Australia

Canberra Lake Sunset

About Canberra

Canberra is the capital city of Australia. It is Australia’s largest “inland” city and has a population of around 400,000 people. It is located at the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) northern end.

Canberra is the seat of government and capital, but quite a few federal government ministries have secondary seats in state capital cities, as well as the Prime Minister and the Governor-General.

Barristers to Support Lawyers in Canberra

Experienced barristers are available to appear at the Canberra Courthouses and work with local Canberra Lawyers. Are you a lawyer in Canberra and require the support and guidance of an experienced barrister that regularly travels to the area?

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The Canberra Courthouses

There are quite a few courthouses in Canberra: the ACT Magistrates Court, the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory, the High Court of Australia, and the Family Court Canberra. 

Magistrates Court