John Connors - Mediation Newcastle

Qualifications: Dip Law (SAB)
Admitted as a Solicitor: 1978
Called to Bar: 2000
Appointed as a Justice of the High Court of Fiji: 2003
Called to the Fiji bar: 2013
Lawyers Mediation Certificate: 2015
National Mediation Accreditation: 2016
Phone: 0418272197

John Connors was a partner of a Hunter Valley law firm for 23 years prior to being called to the Bar.

During this time he had extensive experience in Local Government, Planning, Mining, Building and Construction, Property, Personal Injury and Commercial Litigation.

John continued his involvement in these areas at the Bar both before his appointment to the High Court of Fiji and since.

In addition to being a Judge of the High Court of Fiji John conducted a Commission of Inquiry into the Magistrates’ Courts in Fiji and established the Legal Services Commission and presided as the sole commissioner for a period of 3 years.

Having first trained as a mediator with LEADR in 1993 John has continued his interest in alternate dispute resolution and in 2015 completed the Lawyers Mediation Certificate with the Victorian Bar leading to National Mediation Accreditation.